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Event Promo Staff exceptional staff are responsible for our success.  We are proud of our reputation as top promotional staffing agency.  With years of experience supplying awesome promotional staff to different clients across the entire industry sectors.  We’re able to at all levels supply promotional staff, starting from Brand Ambassadors to Managers of events; and our database of competent people covers a wide range of professional skills to deliver a unique and engaging consumer interaction, all the time.  We pride ourselves on creating an engaged book across the country — and our in-depth strategy for recruitment helps us to make sure that only the best staff will join our greatly competitive staff roster.  Get in contact and find out more about our agency!

What We Do

From high-profile events, to brand activation’s, we have all the experience to bring the event to life with the industry’s best Brand Ambassadors.  We know the possible value of one-on-one experience between a consumer and a brand. lastly, it comes down to the role which the ambassador plays and their capability to convey product information and brand messages.  Our role is to give our clients with the right and competent Brand Ambassadors, who’ll be best placed to deliver a good experience.  Event Promo Staff pride on our ability to motivate and retain our staff — and we are innovators in our own field.

Our special staff database was the first one in the industry — and up to date, it enables us to search by location, skills, and experience to make sure our staff are perfect for any type of event.  The success of any kind of campaign can always rest on the event support that surrounds sampling campaign staffing as well as the reporting.  We really take a tailored approach to every event, making sure the level of support is right for the specific event we are working on.  After all, reporting and research, are always key to securing any marketing budget — also, we are continually concentrating on letting our clients in order to make the most of the innovative tools in this part.

We are developing fresh reporting models consistently and also creative research tools in order to support the activities of our clients — assisting them to better estimate social media reach, word of mouth and behavioural change because of their activity. From logistical support, to expertise and consultation, we can give a wealth of services — which include venue booking to vehicle branding and security of event— and even our account team will be happy to support you in all part of the process of implementation.

About Staff Profiling

We use our modern database to profile all our staff.  We can shortlist staff depending on location, experience, qualifications or hair colour! So regardless of how specific the brief will be, we can easily profile exhibition staff ideal for your event.  With our personal and unique service, we’re sure that you will be glad with the team of staff that we will select for you!

We often take our time to really listen to what you need and what you want — this is what makes us stand out from the crowd — we know what we’re talking about!  For additional information about music, corporate, bar and even exhibition staff, or our promo staff, always feel free to contact us!