Costume Characters

Costume Characters

Costume Characters


Costume characters can add impact to an event ranging from product launches, in-store programs aimed at children, sporting events, charities and fundraisers, birthday parties and all types of shows and exhibitions.  Our enthusiastic and professional brand marketers and staff can enliven any event and enhance the experience of visitors.

Costume Characters for any Event

Whether you need generic characters or mascot-type characters, we can provide the right fit for your event.  There is a misconception that costumed characters are only suitable for events that are aimed at kids.  But the fact is that they can be an effective addition to the floor of any brand event.  Promotions such as store openings, shopping mall events for the whole family, consumer brand campaigns at cafes and stores etc. can benefit from their presence.

They can help brands in breaking the ice with your customers by making excellent centrepieces for promotional campaigns.  An indirect advantage of using costume characters for events that directly engage with adults is that they can also help to entertain and distract the kids.  There is no event that we cannot provide staffing for.  Our costume characters can also make private parties and birthdays more entertaining, both for kids and adults.

What Makes Our Costumed Staff Special

At the Event Promo Staff Agency, we handpick our staff and dedicate ourselves to providing the best experimental staffing.  Our costumed characters are licensed and are trained to assist you in the areas of entertaining, handing out leaflets and samples, posing for photo ops, and helping to enhance brand awareness and build brand loyalty as well.

During events, our team becomes an extension of your brand. While the costume is one of the factors that make a character a success, the individuals wearing the costumes are equally responsible for how visitors engage with them, and consequently, your brand.  We make sure that our staff members are recruited only if they fulfil the criteria for such engagement.

We only select candidates who are outgoing and friendly and have a professional appearance.  The first-class recruits on our staff are prepared to interact with customers and engage with them on behalf of your brand.  They are also willing to put in a hard day’s work despite having to wear a costume that is, more often than not, stuffy and hot.  We guarantee that our staff will exceed your expectations in helping you to ensure the success of your event.

Live Events

You can book a costumed character for a wide range of activities and events including but not limited to:  Exhibitions Sporting venues Music festivals Store launches Product launches Hospitality.  Whether you are planning to network with new customers at your event or launching a new product, we will give you access to our active pool of the best exhibition staff.  We take pains to stand out of the crowd with our personalised service.  Contact us and tell us what you need, and we will do our utmost to make sure that the team we select will meet your requirements.  You can also get in touch with us for more information about the costume characters that we provide.


Costume Characters