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Promotional Staff

promotional staff


For the overall success of your business, it is important that your consumers are comprehensively aware of the services you provide.  They should have an in-depth knowledge about the brand and they must trust your brand.  But how can you make that possible?  The best way is to promote your brands with the help of our top Promotional Staff at your trade show, exhibition and other such events.  A face-to-face interaction between the consumer and the brand will ensure flawless conveyance of your brand values to them.

As a staffing agency, we understand how significant it is to have right people around you that can deliver your marketing message remarkably.  For this, we have gone above and beyond to hand-pick our promotional staff.  When our staff is at your work, you can have much-needed peace of mind knowing they are speaking the voice of your brand.

What do we offer?

From event staff to hospitality staff and hostesses to promo girls, we provide an outstanding team of dedicated professionals for your every need.  Whether you are holding a trade show or a high-profile event, we have the factory-trained staff to help you make the most of your event.

Promotional Staff and Experiential Marketing:  If you are eyeing to expand your customer base, you can hire our knowledgeable and passionate Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers.  They have years of experience and know how to create a buzz for your new product. They will make your event a huge success whether it is some sampling activity or a technology roadshow.

Event Staff: Our squad of creative minds always comes up with unique ideas to host a premium event all across the UK. With their high-end strategies and top-notch staffing, they will efficiently reach your target audience. We have explicit exhibition staff, hospitality staff and festival staff for particular purposes. They will make sure that your guests are pleased and have a memorable experience of the events.

Entertainers and Costume Characters: You can spot our promo boys and girls campaigning in various costumes all across the country.  Dressed as entertainers, they generate leads and promote your products.  Apart from being professional, our team is also fun and friendly. They are enthusiastic and create an unwavering engagement of the customer with your brand in the most entertaining way possible.

Robots: This is our most innovative and ground-breaking approach for a successful event.  Using the latest technology and its craze, we have incorporated one-of-their-kinds robots in our team of promotional staff.  These robots have artificial intelligence and unsurpassed techniques to promote your services like none of the agencies around.

Why choose us for your Promotional Staff needs?

Our professional approach and commitment to the client we work for is what enables us to stand head and shoulders above the rest.  Our staff is thoroughly educated on your brand so that you feel they have always been the part of your team.  They can be briefed about the services in any way you think is beneficial.

We are one of the leading promotional staff agencies in the UK and have already catered to the needs of numerous clients.  Our promise to provide quality service has facilitated us to become the top choice in the industry.

Promotional Staff